Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm


I’m sure you’ve already heard about this product. And because of that, you (like me) have probably asked yourself “is it just a hyped up product or is it really that good?”.

My answer is: it’s even better. I don’t feel like people speak enough about this product. Let me tell you, I have really dry lips even during the summer, I have to constantly scrub them and hydrate them, and I tried A LOT of lip balms. 

While to scrub your lips a toothbrush is perfectly fine, to moisturize them properly you might need to spend a little more money. I know that some people say that this is not a cheap product, but in my opinion these few pounds more are worth it. We are not talking about makeup here, we are talking about NOT having chapped, dry, cracked lips all the time so that you can show them off without any other product. There you go, saved those pounds.


By the way, I bought it at FeelUnique for £9.50. I have tried cheaper brands and more expensive brands, but so far this is my favorite. It comes in a jar, which for some can be a downside and I understand it because we can’t carry it around in our bags and stick dirty fingers in it, gross! But, I also get that if it was in a stick form it wouldn’t have such a creamy and hydrating texture. I use it as a proper treatment, as the last step of my nighttime and daytime routines, keeping it at home, safe from nasty ‘I couldn’t wash my hands ’cause I ‘ve been out and about all day’ fingers.

It’s very moisturizing, and the hydration is not a fake temporary one but it actually lasts for hours after the balm has been absorbed. The lips are left plump, full and healthy.

Let’s talk about the smell. Oh My God, the smell. You know when you are baking a cake with lemon zest (perhaps a lemon cake?!) and you can’t help but eat the dough? That what it smells like, the dough of a lemon cake. It makes me want to eat it. So good. This product is going to be part of my secret stash for a loooong time!

P.S.: I bought a couple of other things last week, so keep an eye out for their posts. Here’s a little sneak peak…



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