September 2014 – The Overview

We all have that little corner in our bathrooms in which we keep on hand products that we use on a daily basis, and this is what this serie is about. On a couple of shelves I keep my most used haircare and skincare of the moment, some of them I love and purchase again and again, some of them I like and others I don’t.
Before we jump into what is on these shelves I should probably mention which type of skin I have, problem is: it’s undefined. Some days it’s oily and some others it’s more on the dry side, sometimes it has blemishes and other times it’s clear…That’s what I’m working with here, so pretty much all of these products could be working for every skin type.
Since this is the first edit of what I hope it will become a serie and I’ve never spoken about any of these product, I decided to split it into different posts. This first one, as the title suggest, is going to be an overview of what I keep in there.
On the top shelf, starting from the left, there are some folded flannels (or washclothes) that I use to remove my cleansers after I have massaged them into the skin. I always use a clean one. Some of them I purchased at Primark, they were really cheap, and the other ones I’ve had for quite a long time, so I can’t remember where I got them. Right after the flannels you can see some emptied candle jars in which I keep cotton pads, hair grips and hair bands. And lastly, on my top shelf, there are some haircare products, but I’ll talk about them in a dedicated post.
On the bottom shelf there is all the skincare I’m using at the moment, but (you guessed it) I’ll talk about it later, and a clear makeup bag that holds some samples of products that I want to try.

The second edit is going to be about ‘The Cleansers’ and I’ll tell you which ones are my favorites.


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