Diorskin’s Newest Star?


I was browsing trough the aisles at Sephora when I spotted Dior’s, or better Diorskin’s, latest foundation. Curious and always eager to find the next best base, I asked for a sample and tried it at home this week.

I was matched #030 by one of the girls that work there which is one of the neutral shades (even though my skin has got more yellow undertones, so it doesn’t match perfectly). If you didn’t know, Dioskin foundation shades generally variate from the lightest #010 to the darkest #070. The ones that end with a zero (i.e. #020) match neutral undertones, the ones ending with 1 (i.e. #031) match yellow/warm undertones, the ones ending with 2 (i.e. #022) match pink/cool undertones and the one ending with 3 (i.e. #023) match peach undertones.


It’s called “Diorskin Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening Weightless Perfection with SPF30”. As the looong ass name suggests it claims to be brightening, perfecting and weightless.

“Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior offers its first brightening foundation. This weightless fluid makeup is capable of recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior’s studios. Infused with hollow silica beads that capture and diffuse light in a correcting halo that doesn’t leave skin looking shiny, the color-filter pigments neutralize skin tone imbalances, and the anti-“light-trap” skincare ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots, and redness.”

It has a beautiful and elegant glass bottle with a pump that’s very similar to their Forever foundation, very pretty on a dressing table but not so practical to travel. It smells good, very perfume-y which is something that I always appreciate. Now, onto what are my thoughts on the actual product.

I applied it a couple of times with my fingers, a couple of times with Real Techniques Expert Face brush and it immediately reminded me of the Diorskin Nude foundation. It has a medium coverage and – thanks to its light diffusing properties – it evens out the skin tone for the most part. I have to say, though, that I’m not having major issues with my skin right now apart from some dark spots (souvenirs of some nasty blemishes) which are still visible. It’s very luminous, indeed, which on my oily skin looks good at the beginning then it turns into a shiny, patchy mess and I feel like it emphasizes pores in the centre of my face. Not the foundation for me, but I’m sure somebody else will love it.

Hope it was helpful!


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