September 2014 – Hair Care

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The last edit of this September #BathroomSelf is about hair! First of all I sould mention that I have long, VERY straight, blonde hair with oily roots and dry ends. You won’t see any shampoo in this post because I keep them in the shower and I will probably do a separate post abot them. These are the products that I reach for the most and I could easily live with just these four.

I wash my hair every second day in the shower, but when I’m in I don’t always use conditioner, I prefer to get out and spray some leave-in conditioner before brushing. The one that I’m using now it’s the BioFort Golden Seal Finissage with jojoba extracts. It’s ok, it was a random purchase because I had used up the one that I was using on holiday; it works well, my hair feels soft afterwards but I will try something new next time. It’s not a keeper to me!

Leave-in conditioner is actually all that I use after I wash my hair, I don’t go crazy with styling and styling products because my hair is as straight as spaghettis and it won’t stay any other way. I tried curling it with a curling iron but it wasn’t worth it: the waves lasted about half an hour and the hair got more damaged.

As I said I usually wash my tresses every other day, so sometimes in between washes I add some Batiste dry shampoo to freshen them up. This comes in a variety of scents and I’ve tried almost all of them. So far, this is my favourite dry shampoo. Be careful and don’t spray too much because it’s one of those that live a white cast on the hair.

Exceptions aside, I shower in the morning. The dry shampoo is something that I would use the morning after I washed my hair. Now, let’s say I washed it today and tonight I’m going out but my hair is all flat. This is when I would use the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This thing is so freaking expensive but it smells heavenly and I would probably splurge and buy it again. If somebody knows a dupe for this product, please tell me in the comments!

Last but not least is Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist. I like to spritz it in the lenghts of the hair and scrunch them, especially during summer. I find the smell kinda manly but still very good.

And that’s it! What are the products that you love for your hair?


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