Wardrobe Clear-Out + Fall Edit

a perfectly edited closet, via Design Darling

Today I want to talk about style for the first time on this blog. I firmly believe that fashion and style are two different things and that everybody should have their own style regardless of fashion. I’m 23 years old and I think I finally know what my style is now, I know which clothes suit me and what I’m actually going to wear vs what I’m going to buy and never wear.

Back in the days, since when I started to choose which clothes to buy for myself, I never had MY style. I remember I used to buy things either because my mum liked them or because some of my girlfriends had something similar or just because I had seen some celebrity wearing them, and then I had no idea how to put outfits together with the pieces I had and ended up wearing things randomly together or wearing the same outfit over and over because I thought it worked.

I somehow ended up with a closet full of things and yet every time I have to change I stare at it thinking that I have nothing to wear. That’s pretty much why I decided to really clear out my wardrobe and to keep just the key pieces that I need for the season and work with them. It’s much easier to see what you own and you don’t end up buying random things so much. The key is versatility and don’t go crazy with colours.

For the first part of the process, I highly recommend watching ViviannaDoesMakeup’s Wardrobe Clear-Out & Organisation Tips video. I love Anna, she always has great tips on everything!

Now, fall is a season of transition: the weather is colder, so we start to pull out winter-y clothes but we can still manage to keep in some summer-y bits and here are my picks for a perfect autumn streamlined wardrobe.

top fall


1. The Classic T-shirt. So versatile and classic, you can use it in every season, especially if you choose a neutral color that goes with everything: jeans, skirts, blazers, jumpers, shirts of any colour. A staple in every closet.

2. The Check Plaid Shirt. This is more of a trendy item. It could also be a denim shirt, depending on your preferences. I personally like these plaid shirts in red because it’s fall. I like to wear it with either jeans or skirts, over a t-shirt or on its own, with a statement necklace for nighttime wear.

3. The Fancy T-Shirt. A t-shirt/tank top that’s a little more dressy and “unusual”. It might be made of silk or that might have some sparkly bits that make it fancy-er. Use it for nights out and special occasions, again with jeans or t-shirts, boots or heels depending on where you’re going.

4. The Casual Sweatshirt. We all have those days when all we want is throw on a comfy and warm sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers.

5. The Neutral Sweater. The more polished version of the sweatshirt that’s wearable even out for dinner. Layered or not, it can be worn with anything, according to the occasion.

6. The Coloured Camisole. This is another piece that – if you’re anything like me – you’ve been wearing all summer and you still can use in fall. With this one you can go a little crazy with colour but always keeping it season appropriate. Under a blazer, a leather jacket or even a jumper.



7. The Leather Jacket. Another staple to my wardrobe. You can’t go wrong buying it in black. Very easy to wear, day and night.

8. The Blazer. I like this kind of blazer that doesn’t look too corporate. Dress it down for daytime wear with a t-shirt and jeans or up for a night out or a meeting.

9. The Skirt. I like it to be flared and a little high-waisted. The style depends on your body shape. For the day I wear it with boots and a jumper or a shirt and at night I dress it up with heels.

10. The Ripped Jeans. I love them. Day and night. They add that little touch of edge to every outfit.

11. The Classic Skinny Jeans. Dark wash or black. No rips. You have to be able to wear them in every occasion, and since they’re a classic piece for years to come.

fall shoes and accSHOES AND ACCESSORIES:

12. The Small Versatile Bag. Not too small, not too big. You want to be able to wear this during the day (when you don’t want to carry your house with you) and at night. I have to add that I’m not a clutch kinda gal, I always opt for cross-bodies.

13. Huge Tote Bag. This one is for traveling and the days when you feel like bringing with you the whole house.

14. The Everyday Sneakers. Perfect for weekends wandering around town and other casual days.

15. The Versatile Boots. The heel is not too high and not too low which makes them wearable day-to-night.

16. The Strappy Heels. You can choose the style you want. These are my favourites, with a touch of gold that makes them ever more appealing to my eyes.

17. The Beanie. I couldn’t pass this one that has ears. It’s too cute and it’s not too childish (I hope!).

18 + 19. The Gold Watch + Rings. I love gold jewellery, I have been wearing this the whole year and I won’t stop now! It’s the easy way to add extra oomph to any outfit.


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